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Guided tours in Lisbon


Tuk Tuk


Most obvious is a Tuk Tuk tour. There is tuktuks really closeby Casa Augusto Rosa: at cathedral Sé or at the most known viewpoint: Portas do Sol. It's comfortable and needs no walking but you would miss out on the tiny streets and places where tuktuks cannot go. That is especially the case in the oldest part of town where we are: Alfama.

Eco Tuk Tuk


Electric tuk tuks make less noise and throw less pollution in the air. This is highly appreciated by the locals.


Historic eco tuk tuk


Drive around in style with the electric retro car

Walking guides


Some guides offer their services on Airbnb through the "Experiences" pages:

- Lisbon 3.5 hours

- Alfama and Mouraria 2.5 hours

- One hour through Lisbon


And more

Sail trips, walks with a photographer, day tours beyond Lisbon.. Check Tripadvisor or Experiences Airbnb

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