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An art deco top floor flat

In a 1937 apartment building in Molenbeek I found this entirely intact flat. Terrazzo floors, wooden doors & floors to which I added a bathtub from a noble house in Wallonia and a sink from an incredible art deco villa near Antwerp dressed up with Burlington taps, a 50s kitchen from Raymond Loewy (known as "the designer of American dreams and famous for AirforceOne, Greyhound buses, Studebaker design, LuckyStrike logo etc), Erco lighting from the 70s, iron cast radiators from different parts of the country, wooden windows made like the original ones by Riche, 60s/70s gas convectors by Efel. The electricity respects the original dark brown Bakelite ones. Curtains by Guell Lamadrid. Good extra isolation, smart Renson ventilation and Valliant boiler on top makes it a wonderful authentic home to live in.

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