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A happy 2018 to you !

Last year at this time craftsmen were working hard to get the final touches done for our first guest to come mid January. Afterwards we still had the mural paintings restored and we continued to furnish in- and outside. We had a set back when pipes burst. Even now we are still recuperating from that but it is all worthwhile. We have had more guests then we had dared to imagine and it is great to see people having a good time in this wonderful city.

Last night a friend brought another historic piece to our home. A set of impeccable glasses to drink Porto or Ginjinha with a wonderful crystal carafe and lace to protect the drinks. We were happy to have Belgium meet Portugal in a meal with pineapple from the Azores and Brussels sprouts , preceded by a glass of Rubi :)

Wish you all the very best year ending and all happiness in 2018 !

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