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Olaio furniture by José Espinho

First bedroom bought; from OLAIO, a former important Portuguese furniture brand, designed by their most innovative designer José Espinho in the 60s.

We strive for authenticity and every room will be decorated with pieces of furniture that are essential in Portugal's history and inspired by the lights we bought from the family who lived in our apartment for over 150 years.

Olaio started in 1860 in the middle of the Bairro Alto in Lisbon, later opening a factory in Loures when orders came in from the government. From the start they strived for modernity. An important designer in their history is José Espinho (1916-1973). He introduced functionalism and with the most up-to-date techniques made the Ritz, Tivoli and many other grand places a customer. The factory had to close doors in 1998, after having left hands of the Olaio family in 1987.

There is an exhibition in Município de Loures till end of December (and we would hope this becomes a permanent one)

More info (in Portuguese):

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