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Soft wool from Dona Manta

You'd nearly regret it's getting too warm but we're sure we'll make use of them for all coziness afterwards. We bought woollen Dona Manta (°2003) blankets and they have the cutest logo :) These are made in Portugal, in Covilha, next to a wonderful nature reserve "Serra da Estrela" .

We bought them in the heart of Lisbon at Paris em Lisboa ( where we also bought our towels and sheets ).

This sounds nearly like sponsoring or product placement but rest assured, we do not get paid to say this. We support local brands and wonderful stores and products. And hope to also give good ideas for souvenirs to take home at your next visit ;)

We now also added our third room to our website because of extra demand and lower price. Check this site !

Dona Manta woollen blanket

Dona Manta logo

Paris em Lisboa

Serra da Estrela

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