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Eurovision in Lisbon

Eurovision Song Contest is finished, we hope you enjoyed it ! Did you know it was held in the area "Parque das Naçoes - Park of the Nations" of Lisbon where the World Expo in 1998 was held? The venue was the futuristic Altice Arena ( Utopia Pavillion at the time of the Expo ) not far from the Oriente Station from architect Calatrava. Next to that you can find a cable car, the former pavillon of Portugal (an incredible hanging "veil" in concrete), Centro Vasco da Gama shopping mall and the Oceanário de Lisboa . On top of the station the longest bridge in Europe (12,3km) was built, the Vasco da Gama bridge and a new metro line was added. A good example on how to convert that entire site into a work & live neighborhood that shows the future looking nation we love so much. From Casa Augusto Rosa you can easily reach that area by taxi in 20 minutes, by train in 30 minutes. Book your trip now :)

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